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1. Choi Siwon

The members of Super Junior had it hard in the group’s early stages, as the 13 members had to divide up the group’s profits into 13 equal parts, and despite being in the center of every stage, Choi Siwon was no exception. 

At the time Choi only received 200,000~400,000 won for every Super Junior schedule. But soon as Super Junior popularity explode, each member received 9 million won for every Super Junior schedule. And he broke away from the group and started to build his own career as an actor with the drama 18 vs. 29, and gained recognition as an actor in the Korea-China-Japan collaborative film  A Battle of Wits. Starting from 2009, Super Junior started producing major hits with every album it released, bringing in 19.6 billion won in profit, and the group even earned 20 billion won through its Asia concert tour, Super Show.  Siwon started to earn 900 million won per drama episode and 600 million won for every solo CF.

Choi Si Won began to rank high on the rich idol charts (even without his originally affluent background), becoming the fourth most expensive male idol group member to sign a CF contract, at 600 million won per CF. Athena : Goddess of War added to his success, earning him 11.4  billion won in Korea alone and crowning him as the next hallyu star.

Siwon background:

Siwon’s father boasts an impressive resume. He was the President of the company Korean Slim Fashion before becoming CEO of Boryung Medience in 2011. Siwon’s family is also own the Hyundai Department Store; This company is one of the largest supermarket chains in Korea and gross profits for the Department Store Division alone, was estimated to be over$US 542,000,000 (2010). Siwons father own trading company in Japan and recently his mother has her own company B company.


Siwon own 3 apartement and 2 house. Siwons own a expensive brand car such as Audi R8  which that car  is limited and only product some in the worlds. As public know Siwon own 4 car BMW,Audi,ferrari and one korean brand car. Siwon has a billion Taiwan Dollars of assets, which is roughly $34 million USD.


Siwon Income in Super Junior is no 1. Reently the fellow member has spoke up about Siwon wealthy, here is taken from Radio Star; Member Eunhyuk added, “Normally when people say someone is the son of a wealthy family, they are often exaggerating the truth a bit, but that isn’t the case with us.”
Leeteuk then chimed in saying, “Recently, Siwon’s father moved to a bigger company. His father was also running an undergarment brand, but he passed that on to [Siwon’s] mother,” causing everyone to have a good laugh.
The members did not stop there. They continued, “We were in the car taking him home, and even just three months ago he lived in a building towards the front, but he asked us to drop him off at a building towards the back. Turns out, they were decorating the interior in the first building, so he was living in a different building.”
Radio Star MC Kim Guk Jin who was shocked to learn about Siwon’s wealth remarked, “Is your house some kind of chain store?”, causing Leeteuk to once again add, “Siwon is #1 when it comes to wealthy idols. He could possibly buy out MBC,” continuing the entertaining atmosphere on set.

Super Junior Siwon known as Korea Ideal Son.


2. Eun Ji Won 

Eun Ji Won comes from a both a powerful political and entertainment background. Not only is he is the grandson of Korea’s former President Park Jeonghee, Eun Jiwon’s mother was also a part of 70s group ‘Lili Sisters’ and worked as a famous CF model.


3. Girls’ Generation′s Yoona

Girls’ Generation′s Yoona when she was still a trainee, she received about 300,000 won for each drama and music video she starred in, but after she made her debut in Girls’ Generation, she started to soar far and high. She was cast as the main lead for the dramaYou Are My Destiny, and started to earn 900 million won per drama episode and 300 million won for every solo CF.

When it looked like things couldn’t get any better for her, the group blew through the roof in 2009 with Gee, and began to shoot an average of 25 CFs per year. Yoona received more solo CF offers than any other member, and earned about 2 billion won only for herself.


4.   Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho made his debut in 2006 with the drama Secret Flower Garden, and for a while seemed settled at the bottom, receiving 200,000-300,000 won for minor roles. He finally made it with the drama Boys Over Flowers, becoming a top star overnight with the ‘Goo Jun Pyo syndrome’. 

He went on to film CFs in electronics, clothing, communication, etc., and earned 2.5 billion won in CF profits for the first half of the year alone. Estimates for his total yearly profits for the entire year of 2009 would of course, surpass that amount.

Boys Over Flowers was not only successful in Korea, but was also exported to 10 more countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and the Philippines, making Lee Min Ho a new hallyu star who is about to break through 1 billion won CF contracts in Asia and 10 billion won in profit per year.


5. Super Junior Sungmin.

Super Junior Sungmin number 4 most income in Super Junior. As member of leader Hallyu Star as excepted Sungmin earned 20 billion won in half of 2012.

Sungmin started to build his own career as an actor drama and musical.


Sungmin background

Sungmin’s father is the President of Sendbill. Sendbill is an e-tax application and it’s pretty much the industry standard in Korea. Customer base include 250 large companies and over 85,000 small to midsize companies. the company is going to be BIG in korea; as the Korean government made it mandatory for businesses to submit their tax returns electronically in 2011.


6. Bigbang G-Dragon

He own many hit song royalities. Within the group his income in number 1.


7. 2PM Nichkhun

Nichkhun has many CF and number 1 when that come in to income within the group.

Nichkhun’s mother is the CEO of Pharmaceutical Importer and Distributor, Union Medical. After doing some research, I found that Union Medical had a sales revenue of US $6,000,000 in 2011-12.Nichkhun was also educated at the Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, a school which has previously hosted British Royalty.


8. Super Junior Kyuhyun

Youngest member of Super Junior number 3 when that come to income in Super Junior. This fellow member bulid his own carrer as musical actor and MC.

Kyuhyun’s father owns an academy school accros Korea. Recently, his father opened up a Korean language academy in Taiwan. Fellow member Shindong spoke up kyuhyun nickname is “rich son”.

9. Jung Ill Woo

Remember the guy who played the ‘Grim Reaper’ in 49 Days? Well he has every reason not to be grim. Jung II Woo is the ‘rich boy’ that every mum wants for her daughter. His grandfather is the Chief Director of a hospital in Korea, his father the Director of a Kendo Academy and his mother a professor at the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage. Smart Smart Smart family means good genes!


10. Park Tae Hwan

Park Tae Hwan was the first swimmer in Korean history to win an Olympic gold medal, and this achievement brought him profits of more than 7 billion won in lifetime pensions, advertisements and prize money from sponsors. 

Unlike some Olympic athletes, Park didn′t settle after winning one of the most coveted athletic prizes. He went on to win three gold medals in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games for another 10 billion won. According to an overseas source, Park Tae Hwan is paid 800 million won for CFs, 100 million won more than Park Ji Sung’s contracts yield him, making him the most expensive sports star in advertisement.


Credit: Source: OSEN via Nate, eNewsWorld,allkpop | fyeaheggkyu,kyupouts

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